Colemans East Coast & Partner Stores Host the USA Watermelon Queen

Three Colemans locations on the east coast locations plus 2 partner stores including Bidgoods & Co-op Clarenville received a visit from the 2019 USA GA Watermelon Queen Miss Meredith McGlamory during the last week of July. Meredith is the 21 year old daughter of Chuck and Celia McGlamory.  She is attending Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, GA, pursuing a degree in Agricultural Communications with a minor in Animal Science.  Meredith’s long term goal is to be a Vet.

Stores did a super outstanding job on their watermelon displays and created lots of excitement for kids with watermelon eating contests and prizes so hats off to the produce departments and their teams.  Colemans received good media coverage from the Telegram & the Irish Loop newspaper particularly during our special invitational stop at Alderwood Seniors Home in Witless Bay. There Miss Meredith learned to do the 2-step waltz and danced it up accompanied by the tunes from a couple of local musicians.

Colemans has been working with the National Watermelon Promotion Board since 2007 and have hosted 19 National & State Queens.   The Queens are selected on their communication skills, academic standing,  knowledge of the USA farming industry and their contribution to community.  This watermelon Queen loved interacting with the kids and seniors.

Colemans MtPearl (3)

Colemans NL Dr (4)


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