Colemans Partners with Kruger to Celebrate Earth Day

In April 2018 Colemans once again partnered with Kruger and placed an ad in our flyer as part of our commitment to Earth Day celebrated around the globe on April 22 to inspire people to connect with nature. Colemans also teamed up with the Department of Natural Resources to purchase 15,000 trees, the same number we purchase every year going back as far as 2010.  Tree planting for the staff at Colemans finally took place on Friday July 5th with Jennifer McCarthy, Forest Interpretation Specialist/GIS Technician who is employed by Resource Innovations, who provides services to CBPPL for Silviculture and other field work.  After tree planting we capped it off with a BBQ at Colemans Gardens Market sponsored by Kruger with all proceeds going to the development of a new building for the local SPCA with close to $900 being raised.  Thanks to the SPCA Volunteers & t0 Benita at the Gardens for setting it all up.


Back Row – L-to-R

Jim Locke-Space Mgmt. / Shawn Hollett-Space Mgmt. / Jennifer McCarthy GIS Tech/ Janine Chafe-Graphic Design / Andrea Goodey-Space Mgmt.

Front Row – Kevin Power – Category Mgr.  

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