Colemans Stephenville Hosts Community Café

Last week Colemans Store Manager Brian Fowler and staff continued with their commitment to hosting another round of Community Café which is held monthly at the local Lion’s Club in Stephenville.  Patrons from the town have spirits lifted with the kindness of the Community Café volunteers who offer small things like a complimentary hot bowl of soup and a sandwich served with a smile.

However the staff decided to offer up a full on BBQ for the patrons as a change of pace for summer.  So Chris fired up the BBQ and staff served up hamburger and hot dogs along with a slice from a delicious cake from the Bakery.  This monthly event relies heavily on volunteers and donations but offers so much more to patrons then a meal like companionship and warm conversation.



Staff from Colemans at Community Café Event

L – R: Chris Tiller Meat Mgr / John Milley-Assist Store Mgr / Paula Lucas  – Produce Mgr / Jim Delaney – Stock Clerk


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