15th Annual Canada Day Bike Rodeo

For 15 years, Colemans has been celebrating Canada Day by providing bikes to National, Provincial, Private, City & Town parks throughout NL. It’s a part of our focus on healthy living for the children in this province.  This year we again partnered with Coca Cola for the largest Bike Rodeo in Canada and shipped  64 Bikes to 32 Parks.  We recognized many years ago that local parks needed an injection of excitement to draw families in on Canada Day.  The event begins weeks before Canada Day with Category Manager Andrew Coleman spearheading large Coca-Cola displays in all of our stores including our 5 partner stores.

This event has turned into the largest park promotion of the year drawing in families with children of all ages.  Parents and kids come with decorated bikes and ride in a Canda Day Parade organized by Park staff.  Walkers are also welcome.  At the end of the Bike Parade , 2 names are drawn in each park, one from the children’s category and one from the youth category for a FREE bike from Colemans and Coca-Cola.

Thank you to Coca Cola, to our Store Managers, staff at Western and to all the Parks who organize this wonderful event.  We are very proud of everyone’s continued commitment to outdoor activities for children in NL.




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  1. Sylvain M Gallant

    My daughter was really disappointed after she decorated her bike for the bike parade at LaManche yesterday, but when we showed up to the common area, it had been cancelled. In NL, we are always hostage to the weather! The park staff did not know about alternate plans for the bike giveaway, so just wondering if their is a backup plan?