Colemans partners with Carino – A Valentines Party in Witless Bay

seal 2Colemans recently partnered with Carino and one of their local sealers Steve Miller from Flat Rock to visit Alderwood Retirement home in Witless Bay.  The whole event was the brain child of the Home’s Recreation Director Renee Houlihan with the purpose to stimulate the strong memories that Seniors have of their proud sealing history off Newfoundland’s east coast.

Ruby Grandy – Category Manager for Seafood and Marie Lynch Seafood Manager/Store Supervisor Colemans Market NL Dr. were instrumental in organizing this event. Our recent acquisition of Belbin’s came in quite handy as Ernie Lucas the Head Chef cooked up a delicious Seal Flipper Pie for all the residents to sample.  Colemans brought along an assortment of seal skin pelts and accessories for the Seniors to view.  Valentine’s hearts made by local seamstress Margie Ryan from a beautiful dyed red seal skin pelt donated by Deon Dakins of Carino were given out to each resident.

CBC Reporter Todd O’Brian from Fisheries Broadcast was there to cover the event and air a number of interviews. The afternoon was topped off with a presentation from local Sealer Steve Miller and then the floor was open for questions.  Colemans Bakery on NL Dr. donated a delicious cake and local entertainment was provided by duo Harbour Bay featuring Shawn Doyle & Dwight Crocker which the Seniors enjoyed along with the lots of memories!


Below is the link to the podcast:

Looking back on the whale man Jon Lien

Love Your Seal – a Valentine’s Party in Witless Bay. Looking back on the whale man Jon Lien


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