Colemans Gardens Market Hosts Nutritional Tour

pic 3On June 5th, 65 kids from école CC Loughlin visited Colemans Garden Market on O’Connell Drive to take part in a Nutritional Tour that also touched on sustainability.  The focus of the visit was to encourage kids from Grade 1 to eat healthier and to introduce them to the importance of purchasing sustainable products including seafood and produce.

The children were broken in 5 groups and they rotated around the various departments in the store including produce, sushi, seafood and the smoothie station where kids sampled kale & spinach smoothies.  Our Registered Dietitian Angie Knee was set up at the Demo Kitchen to give the kids an overview of the new Canada’s Food Guide.

According to a nationwide study conducted by the Dept of Health, Newfoundland children continue to be the poorest eating in all of Canada by consuming the least fruits and vegetables. Each child was given a Colemans Frootie Tootie Club Card and a healthy snack for the road. Colemans leads the way in their efforts to educate Newfoundland school children about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. A big thank you to staff at the Gardens who helped pull it all together.

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